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Weight and fat scale

"I?m afraid you?re confusing me with someone else; I haven?t mentioned deism or intervention until you did."

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"Sounds great but no bathing suits" Angie returned. I laughed and looked at Olive. "wow I look hot in this. We remained frequent lovers until she moved away three years later.

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We are both happily married to our wives and he has a kid and we are still friends scqle this day.

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Aralar | 26.02.2018
So you do not obey the laws of where you live currently?
Votaxe | 27.02.2018
Which question ?
Taubar | 08.03.2018
Not really. If you have a relationship with any living organism in this vast universe, you have a relationship with God.
Samurisar | 14.03.2018
Nope, in a prog. Try and keep up will ya?
Vudomuro | 20.03.2018
I'm quite simple in my philosophy towards Christ. Him crucified, buried, risen and ascended allows for the Spirit of God within me. "He doeth the works" (John 14:10).
Fenricage | 25.03.2018
As he tries to spin it he stumbles, mumbles and repeats himself.
Faera | 29.03.2018
We have someone in denial.
Zulkizilkree | 01.04.2018
Turd-eau = Tru-deau
Mikajin | 08.04.2018
It's an ugly mind that thinks that inflicting permanent genital deformity on a child for a silly superstition is acceptable. What is twisted and perverted about my mind?
Voodookora | 17.04.2018
define "self-created". What are the odds a butterfly is self-created from a caterpillar?
Nekasa | 26.04.2018
No, you are killed by the bear, not murdered. You go into his territory and he defends his territory. He kills you just like we kill people in war. If he kills you to eat it is no different than us killing animals to eat. That's killing. Intentionally, with premeditation, taking the life of a human is murder.
Nelrajas | 04.05.2018
Who's "He"? Thinking of God as a human person is significant mix-up many people make.
Zulujind | 12.05.2018
Good luck with that Trudeau and Co.
Duzuru | 12.05.2018
Did I say that? No, I didn't. I love how you keep posting these strawmen.
Braktilar | 22.05.2018
Better early than late. HUgs for a mmmmmmonday morning.
Shar | 30.05.2018
Well, maybe I missed it mentioned but some have postulated that Einstein's work could have other origins as well. His ill-served Serb wife, brilliant in her own right, and the fact that he worked as a patent examiner in his early years.
Dougor | 04.06.2018
Yep, Guffie has returned and is already stalking me!
Kagagal | 10.06.2018
Ummmmm....no he wont. Dead people don't find out anything...ever.
Mulmaran | 16.06.2018
Well, perhaps it partially means that naive materialist realism is an incorrect worldview.
Mozragore | 20.06.2018
Arrgg matey !!!! watch yer steps matey , or I'll feed jya to the sharks!!!! :) LOL!!!
Vudogor | 27.06.2018
Not disingenuous. I point to one side because its that side that pulls the country toward the welfare state you love. Further left, further toward the authoritarian country you lust after.
Akinojora | 05.07.2018
To what question?
Darr | 14.07.2018
While I agree with you on the technicality, I'll also claim that not all assertions are created to be equal. This is where we might segue into a discussion on epistemology and why the nonfalsifable, unevidenced ones don't get to sit at the front of the line.
Zolotaxe | 20.07.2018
What happened to the money I paid into Medicare for over 50 years, BEFORE I could use the program, does't that count?
Mazugal | 24.07.2018
The real question is...
Zulujora | 26.07.2018
A deep suspicion or existing knowledge that they would not qualify to possess a firearm.
Nikogis | 31.07.2018
What do you have against pharmacists? And sorry, but are you saying your parents shared their intimate bedroom activities with you? Did/do you share yours with your kids? Kids don't want to know that stuff and it's wrong to bring them into it regardless of what your doing, and with whom.
Mooguzuru | 01.08.2018
I do not know that case. But are you basically saying that guys get away with stuff in court and girls never do? That would be odd but agian we all get our views on stuff. I think each case is different and never a one size fits. Many women have received soft punishment for different reasons in different cases.
Zulkirr | 08.08.2018
everything in the consumer marketplace is tarriffed and taxed again. then again.
Nicage | 11.08.2018
I took the first google of it, I caught the story originally on the news blast from echo. She followed them, you?re condoning it. That?s fvcking shitty
Weight and fat scale

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