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That 70 s show panties

"Well yes, but as I remember it, that didn't seem to be the way the story was inclined, if you know what I mean. It's like saying the moral of the Abraham/Isaac story was - 'don't listen to voices in your head telling you to kill your son', when it is basically saying the opposite."

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Mujinn | 05.03.2018
It is...read that article
Molkis | 09.03.2018
It doesn't though. Like I said above, supporting your right to vote Republican doesn't make me pro-Republican.
Julkree | 15.03.2018
I wouldn't know anything about punk rock bands, but still accept my apologies.
Mausar | 16.03.2018
Compassion is cool. You will be happy to know that things, human culture, does mature over time. But you must cut some slack to folks walking the same course as your own culture has walked, lest you accuse yourself.^
Gacage | 26.03.2018
"but that does not make one not a Christian"
Meztimi | 27.03.2018
Wow did I misread the statement I initially responded to so harshly. (Having failed to review your profile before posting.)
Fenrik | 31.03.2018
I don't think I said that or came close to saying that, but the scientists who are linked to the site I pointed you to consider it less of a mechanism than the modern synthesis. Random mutation is also considered less of a mechanism. Still mechanisms, but not nearly explaining enough.
Mezishakar | 07.04.2018
SoS. Yes generally. I am inspired that you did plow through those few lines.
Bara | 12.04.2018
This is nothing new. Democrats have been using this against States that passed laws they don't like gor decades.At least those States were obeying the law, unlike sanctuary cities and States. Something about Jan Brewer and Arizona keeps popping into mind. Is that right? Was it Arizona that passed laws and started doing the governments deportation job and got penalized for it?
Voodooramar | 18.04.2018
Yeah, I mean if I could take just one book with me to a desert isle, it would be the Tao Te Ching. Pithy brilliance, imho. I own about 10 translations and have taken to studying the original ideograms. Great stuff.
That 70 s show panties
That 70 s show panties
That 70 s show panties

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