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Amgen breast cancer awareness month

"Wasn't boasting though."

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Kagabei | 28.02.2018
Your religion is but one of many.
Shalkis | 04.03.2018
Being born isn't sinful and being born with the traits that GOD gave you isn't sinful either.
Malazragore | 12.03.2018
Prayer doesn't work. Action does. And if God is so all powerful, he can fix things. He doesn't. Therefore he isn't all powerful.
Tygot | 14.03.2018
Maybe in your shithole.
Shaktikora | 21.03.2018
1. No, why would it be?
Kigak | 31.03.2018
Then we should likewise ban Americans from traveling the world, given that they export more violence than anyone. But it's nice to imagine yourself a city on the hill, isn't it.
Bajind | 08.04.2018
I didn?t know this but mental heart can be hereditary so I guess it makes sense
Jujora | 18.04.2018
On what basis do you declare that (the satisfaction of) physical urge is a bad thing
Kagamuro | 19.04.2018
Well I wasn't responding directly to the original point, mainly to rational human beings interacting with one another.
Feran | 20.04.2018
Pattern recognition ? expectation.
Malajas | 24.04.2018
That did not answer my question.
Dasar | 29.04.2018
You are cracking me up. My initial comment was pointing out the hipocracy as I see it. Was I supposed to just ignore people after that? I enjoy a good conversation. I was under the impression that, that was what this sight was designed for.
Kigakora | 10.05.2018
You beg for it but don't accept it. Stable, fine-tuned universe, life, etc.
Vugar | 10.05.2018
Please fool, I am not in a court giving a deposition.
Samuzragore | 13.05.2018
I wonder if "his"... ever hurt..
Zululabar | 21.05.2018
the legality isn't an issue. this isn't about law, it is about trade.
Amgen breast cancer awareness month

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