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Tender lump above breast on chest

"Maybe they saw John the Baptist as one leading to the other in YESHUA."

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Vunris | 16.03.2018
Hobby Lobby already showed religion can be used as a means to discriminate. Citizens United demonstrated that businesses can have the same rights as individuals. You've already admitted individuals can discriminate and on the basis of religion. You lost your argument long ago, you just haven't been willing to admit it even though you have drifted out of sight of the shore.
Duzahn | 18.03.2018
This the right male gyno can be amazing
Vim | 24.03.2018
You get ketchup anywhere near my steak and you will get hurt!
Gulkree | 25.03.2018
I said "include".
Magal | 01.04.2018
There is a tiny minority of law abiding citizens who are frequent victims of their barbarian neighbors. There must be some satisfaction in helping a few good people survive in a jungle of lawlessness and hate.
Vijora | 02.04.2018
Just because a story involves a real person does not mean that it is not fiction.
Kazijas | 08.04.2018
I love how people like to say "Israelis deserve their homeland" while simultaneously saying "Palastinians do not."
Shasho | 17.04.2018
I can measure the wind using physical instruments. This ain't aerodynamic science.
Gardalabar | 27.04.2018
Justin needs some clarification before he can answer...can you explain to him what a zoo is?
Shakaktilar | 07.05.2018
BAN ISlam !
Dainris | 08.05.2018
Only after the blueprint is subjected to physical construction. Prior to that the building only exists in potential.
Goltir | 17.05.2018
A bit of Paedophilia by Gabriel? Some traditions insist it was forced.
Yobar | 21.05.2018
Thank you for expanding on your delusions and revealing that your personal imaginary friend is exclusively a figment of your imagination.
Basho | 24.05.2018
Some public schools, and the NFL don't know that.
Dagul | 29.05.2018
Perfect ! That about sums it up, and then some ! The seasons are great!! The first frost always gets me !! On a calm morning, by the water. Nothing like it !!
Kegar | 05.06.2018
So dum okay ??
Gojind | 12.06.2018
Yes it does, but implying isn't enough for some people.
Mazshura | 19.06.2018
I am agnostic. I am a classic liberal/ libertarian. I believe in extremely limited government. I believe in private property. I believe in fair and equal treatment under the law. I believe the government has no business between contracts between consenting adults for wages, child birthing/rearing or what they own or not, including guns.
Kazragal | 20.06.2018
And people have been doing it for millennia.
Dougrel | 22.06.2018
oh, how polite.
Moogushicage | 01.07.2018
Not respecting that your own "
Mazubar | 03.07.2018
As a skeptic I see little relevance to the matter of existence/ or non existence of the Nazareth of Jesus.
Mikakree | 11.07.2018
That it is boring to create endless lists of long forgotten names!
Fenrilmaran | 18.07.2018
Go ahead smack me, but she is right up my alley...
Faulabar | 20.07.2018
"No religion" isn't the same thing as "No spiritual beliefs". I feel that's important to point out.
Tender lump above breast on chest

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