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U s military gay history

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Dry dick and dry asshole doesn't work very well together. Crap. Off came the crushed velvet skirt. I moved over to her and wrapped my legs around her body and hugged her from behind. It was much better than the one boy I'd kissed (in a closet at a militaty party when I was 11).

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Gromuro | 22.02.2018
I don't quite get it. A gay couple ordering a wedding cake, is not promoting homosexuality. But the baker is promoting his religious beliefs in a situation that does not warrant it. I don't think the decision is the right one. But as an atheist, I am use to seeing Christianity roll over the rights of others.
Kazrajora | 25.02.2018
No need to feel sorry for being an idiot. You have a right to be one!
Kigagami | 27.02.2018
But the "climate science" is a religion unto itself. Mankind has "sinned" by embracing evil fossil fuel energy and is facing an apocalypse unless he repents and embraces salvation... which involves giving a lot of money to the Climate Change Church.
Kajimuro | 08.03.2018
Ford Nation extends into the 905 and it came through pretty good for Dug.
Muhn | 14.03.2018
A small test for the cognitive capacity.
Dikus | 21.03.2018
Grow a damn brain, and start learning how to "think for yourself."
Doll | 21.03.2018
Lost an Ex girlfriend to suicide a few years ago. WE loosley kept in touch. Most of us who knew her didn't know she had a long history of drug abuse. It was very sad and surprising.
Kalkis | 29.03.2018
Well then lets meet and prove to me that your not a joke.
Mazukus | 05.04.2018
Submitted a little later than expected but im not surprised.
Shagore | 08.04.2018
She does not make asinine comments. The channel is about religion. People will discuss religion. Why is an article about carbon dating in the Religion channel, in the first place? It was included to cast doubt and aspersions on the idea of carbon dating by a creationist who wants to push the idea that the earth is 6000 years old and Jesus rode a dinosaur.
Bragor | 13.04.2018
New improved Iran deal and Trumpcare coming any day now, right?
Shaktik | 14.04.2018
Some jobs are more heroic than others, I don't know many people that find executioner's heroic.
Kagazil | 22.04.2018
"We already have everlasting life b/c nothing ever truly dies."
Vokora | 27.04.2018
Are you against gays getting married under the state, rather than god?
Daikree | 04.05.2018
Maybe we should talk about Christian Pastor of Hate Charles Worley who went to congress and demanded they build basically nazi style concentration camps to put lgbt's in?
Yokus | 08.05.2018
They should replace him with the
Jurn | 11.05.2018
PE unions funnel union dues into Democrat campaigns, who then boost union contracts, paid for by the taxpayer. Unions then funnel some of that money back into Democrat campaigns.
Akiktilar | 15.05.2018
Look, people do stupid things in the name of religion. A "holy war" in the name of Islam definitely affects others. I am not condoning that. Nor do I condone circumcision on infants, but it doesn't impact a person's overall quality of life after the procedure. Stoning them or beating them, on the other hand...
Meztihn | 23.05.2018
Think you got it backwards. For over 2,000 years people have been asking for proof of the resurrection, and none has been provided.
Shara | 26.05.2018
Equal rights for all people is the essence of the public good. give me a effing break.
Fegami | 30.05.2018
and 4+2 brings us back to 6!
Meztigis | 09.06.2018
Ahhhh so you are in the same group that found Smith and Carlos' Black Power salute when the anthem was played at their medal ceremony in '68 'an insult to the nation'. It is ironic that 50 years later African American athletes still need to protest about racism in the US. Non-white people in the US have had the vote for over 150 years. Segregation was deemed illegal following Brown v Board of Education in 1954 and the Civil Rights Act in 1964 should have been the final nail in the coffin. Your outrage shows how effective the protest is as it clearly has upset you. What is a pity is that you only see the action and don't recognise the rationale behind it. I guess that either means you are oblivious to ongoing prejudice, are aware but choose not to recognise it. or that you would prefer to see a return the Jim Crow days. One of these would suggest that you need to be more aware of the wider society in the US, the others are varying degrees of racist behaviour.
Tektilar | 10.06.2018
The benefits of Faith in Jesus Christ are too innumerable to write down. The most wonderful thing about the Son of God, Jesus Christ is the love he has for us, he is my best friend! He is the Creator and Savior who entered his Creation to die on the Cross for the sins of the world, so we who believe in Him are given everlasting life. Man's days are as a flower, here today and gone tomorrow, but in Christ Jesus we will live forever.

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