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"I agree with you based on my own personal experiences with GOD....Further I find it quite entertaining (I suppose) that Atheists are so drawn to religious sites and forums....Seeking GOD....Seeking that which they have not experienced themselves or maybe just can't relate to without any type of spiritual non-physical base from which to evolve. Doesn't matter the forum or social media platform......they come in droves....For what? To find their spiritual connection to something more than that which we can touch or feel. Science is nothing more than the study of GOD's creation. The more we peal away the package layers the more often there becomes a revelation of the absolute. It's not something I'm going to debate anymore as I've found it pointless. Not in a way or position of a deference to assisting those in need but knowing it must happen in its own course and time. Have a blessed day."


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Taukazahn | 23.02.2018
Or, Paul's discussing the unwilling ritual prostitution of teenage boys in pagan temples, considering he uses a word to describe homosexuality that isn't used to describe homosexuality anywhere else in Greek literature.
Volkis | 03.03.2018
You know...that's an interesting point too. Because I have an aunt and uncle and my uncle has always been really reserved and very complimentary of my Mom during holiday parties telling her what a great job she had done... and always seemed like a nice guy in general and very non-threating. Years later I learned that he was verbally abusive to my aunt. His son, my cousin, was abusive to his ex-wife. That's when it came out about my Uncle when we all learned how abusive his son was. Just another perspective that you just don't know what's going on in people's lives much of the time.
Maukinos | 07.03.2018
If I can imagine one minute of time I can image MORE time. 14 billion years is just lots of time.
Melkree | 17.03.2018
Do you know, that there is no Christian in the earth today? And it is even written in their bible.
Fenrijind | 24.03.2018
Then you if union you need to replace your leadership.
Tezilkree | 31.03.2018
"Some men see things as the are and ask why. I dream things that never were and ask, why not?" -Robert F. Kennedy
Gojin | 06.04.2018
I'm partial to logical answers. I will gladly listen to those
Faushakar | 14.04.2018
"In a nutshell, no Jesus, no Universities or Science."
Voodoogul | 19.04.2018
The internet was probably a mistake, or at least 100 years too early.
Shakajas | 21.04.2018
I KNOW the mythology and the propaganda you blindly recycle concerning that mythology.
Mar | 29.04.2018
Illustration that Jesus was fully human, and entirely grounded where he was born.
Shalabar | 06.05.2018
Coffee smells great. Tastes horrible. IDKW.
Arazahn | 10.05.2018
??Why u speaking too?? It's over bruh...Stay in your lane????
Vokora | 20.05.2018
Can you show me where it states that?
Milmaran | 27.05.2018
"I don't know about "gun homicides'. THat's not even what I am talking about. I am talking about a specific kind of mass shootings. The kind we are seeing in schools. That's all I am talking about. Which are in fact perpetuated by mostly white young men. Why does it offend you for this to be pointed out?"
Dolkis | 06.06.2018
Quick, dumbass, there's Russians surrounding your house. Call 911.
Nikozilkree | 15.06.2018
I agree it is ridiculous as are miracles. No evidence of miracle either unless you are using it as a way to say something unknown.
Fenrilkis | 23.06.2018
Yes, you are quote mining and lying.
Bralkree | 03.07.2018
That pungent aroma of dead possum, belongs to SiiRobertson's bedbug-infested snatch.

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