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The husband left fucked everything that moves

"I follow no religion. I not only see the forest and the trees but I am quite aware that I, as the seer of them, stand apart from them as the constant observer."

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Moshakar | 26.02.2018
It was a lose/lose...sorry buddy
Tygosho | 01.03.2018
Oh dear. You appear to attempt to transfer your own ignorance and project your own delusional condition, my friend. It doesn't work.
Tejin | 11.03.2018
90% of everything is BS. That's not original with me. But some things are knowable, and it's usually not that difficult to learn what they are.
Kazrat | 12.03.2018
This comment is further evidence of just how out of touch you and the rest of the Rightists really are, ?much further left than the Tea Party went right? wow thats so inaccurate its laughable, hell we will call it Trumpism its so much a lie
Goltigore | 16.03.2018
As for the education taxes, if some children didn't get an education, no job and more criminality mean higher social costs many more places, like courts and prisons.
Arashigore | 21.03.2018
Voters gave republicans the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014 to STOP Obama policies not to pass them! The same thing happened to a greater degree in 1994 when Clinton tried to cram Hillarycare down our throats!
Miktilar | 24.03.2018
That is an intentional mischaracterization. They are deporting people for entering this country illegally. In the case you posted he first entered the country illegally and then committed additional crimes.
Dusho | 29.03.2018
Repeat this with anything other than your god.
JoJocage | 02.04.2018
Just one of the many things that are illogical.
Brazragore | 08.04.2018
Since I'm neither Canadian nor Christian, I don't feel I can add to the discussion. But I'm interested in reading the comments from those who are Canadian Christians.
Gardalkree | 09.04.2018
Lot's daughters raping their father makes me uncomfortable:
Gronos | 11.04.2018
That is hilarious
Moogucage | 18.04.2018
"There is a long and fairly diverse tradition in Jewish theology (long
Tojahn | 19.04.2018
The item they asked for would have been produced for a straight couple, no?
Tojalrajas | 20.04.2018
Then perhaps a remedial reading course is necessary, as your understanding of my post is quite different from what I actually said. Personhood is the only thing that matters.
Bar | 27.04.2018
Does one's intelligence and/or career qualify as one's actions?
Majar | 06.05.2018
Back at ya youngster.
Vitaxe | 12.05.2018
A drive by fruiting?
Arashinris | 16.05.2018
Cannot refute the truth so you deflect to hide your ignorance. LOL...
Doujin | 23.05.2018
He did plead to lesser charges, you are correct. To me, that doesn't lessen the seriousness of what he did. I think he got a harsher prison sentence for the lesser charges than someone else may have bc what he did resulted in the death of a fetus. Because it was so serious, I don't think his first time offender status matters. But we can agree to differ.
Nik | 02.06.2018
Eternal separeration from God and all that infers. It is said that Hell is locked from the inside because they don't want God there.
The husband left fucked everything that moves
The husband left fucked everything that moves

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