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Put condom on with mouth

"So... you're agreeing that your standards are too high."

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Voodoosar | 10.03.2018
I don't know about easy, perhaps experimental, for the lack of a better word.
Kagazuru | 12.03.2018
When was a pastor arrested for saying that in Canada?
Mulrajas | 20.03.2018
You presented good and accurate summaries of the "other historians" evidence. The only problem is that everyone has already heard it, and they refuse to listen.
Majas | 23.03.2018
Why wouldn't a study showing that gay parents having gay kids simply be proof that it's hereditary?
Tujinn | 01.04.2018
I always liked this quote from T.S. Eliot:
Mabei | 05.04.2018
Just in case he doesn't, let's try to fix the problems we have now.
Mulkree | 07.04.2018
One observation from my experience modding and generally watching this space on Disqus that might add some dimension to this article:
Faurn | 07.04.2018
Yeah, its a reverential fear. The English language has no comparison (few do) to ancient Greek or Hebrew. Its very specific. A parent requires their kids to have a good degree of reverential fear, right? For a good reason, one being...they don't have to understand at the moment what is being asked, but obey. There are many more reasons though...
Nezahn | 09.04.2018
So it doesn't make you a bigot when you speak of negative facts, right?
Grosida | 10.04.2018
I don't get it anyway XD
Kigagal | 17.04.2018
Clergypeople come into schools all the time to read and do other things. Occasionally, they break the laws and come in in their capacity as clergypeople, reading sectarian literature and engaging in indoctrination, but most of them don't. Most simply come in in their capacity as human beings. Transpeople are also human beings, and their existence as such does not constitute an "ideology."
Golkree | 24.04.2018
Timeless truth has a history. Fads come and go .The Bible is God's truth for mankind for all time. If it were a mere product of man alone this would not be true. If the Bible were not God's word, we wouldn't care about it.
Volrajas | 27.04.2018
Good Morning Jay
Yosida | 02.05.2018
I made my point. U.S. culture is an amalgamation of every group of immigrants that have come here since the beginning of our nation. Cultures were not left behind, they became part of the whole. To claim otherwise is to be ignorant of history and is plain dumb.
Meztimuro | 11.05.2018
Uhhh...noooooo. I asked a question. I claimed nothing like that.

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