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Negro foya abiejita de 70 anios

"Dear me, you have got your knickers in a twist, haven't you. I am answering the question posed in the OP and just for your information I have never voted for a Tory party in my life."

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Sat | 26.02.2018
Actually this is a very late addition to the bible, having occurred after the mid fourth century production of the Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus, neither of which contains this pericope which appears to have been written to show that the so-called "Jesus" (not actually a name) supported forgiveness, which, as a "zealot for the law" (See Matt 5 and 15), he most certainly did not.
Grobei | 08.03.2018
Anonymity is important to the mod team if any data is collected off site such as with this poll. That was a big question when I brought up the survey to the mod team is that we wanted to make sure people weren't able to be identified outside of Disqus (other than some of their answers, but this isn't linking them to the person behind the PC).
Kahn | 15.03.2018
You're comparing apples to oranges when you compare atheism to Christianity. You should compare atheism to theism. Does theism demand people to forgive each other or give to the poor? No, theism is just a belief that a god exists, just as atheism is just a lack of that belief. Neither atheism nor theism prescribe a particular set of morals. If you want to compare moral systems to Christianity than you should examine and compare secular humanism or some other moral philosophy.
Zutilar | 26.03.2018
Flag the comment where he made the claim you mentioned.
Bajind | 03.04.2018
Figure of speech, lol, hence the parenthesis. The purpose of the channel is to "discuss topics on or about religion" It does not say, "You must be religious to post here". In other words, the OP piece is perfect, you just apparently don't know what you signed up for.
Kazimi | 12.04.2018
Lol, really letting the CDS go, are we?
Tojabei | 19.04.2018
But the absence of it is quite deafening especially for the "personal, and intervening" gods that most people believe in. Like the one Abe believes in.
Yozshutaxe | 19.04.2018
The correct answer is, "He hasn't been convicted of anything yet.", which means that he isn't guilty of anything, and you're full of shit. If you have to make shit up to push your beliefs, maybe you should look at said beliefs instead of worrying about fooling other people with the same dumb shit that fooled you.
Fenrigul | 20.04.2018
If you listen carefully, you can hear liberal heads exploding with rage ??. Yet another win for Trump :)
JoJohn | 29.04.2018
Considering the source, yes.
Negro foya abiejita de 70 anios

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