The Diary Of Anne Frank
by Albert Hackett & Frances Goodrich
Adapted by Wendy Kesselman

April 10-26, 2015

Des Moines Social Club's Kum & Go Theater

During the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Anne Frank began to keep a diary on June 14, 1942, two days after her 13th birthday, and twenty-two days before going into hiding with her mother, father, sister, and three other people. The group went into hiding in the sealed-off upper rooms of the annex of her father's office building in Amsterdam. They remained hidden for two years and one month, until their betrayal in August 1944, which resulted in their deportation going to Nazi concentration camps.  The Diary of Anne Frank is a testament to hope and survival before the tragedy we all know is coming.

"Adapted from Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, edited by Otto Frank. Winner of the 1956 Pulitzer Prize, Tony Award, Critics Circle Award, and virtually every other coveted prize of the theatre. Very few plays have moved the Broadway critics to write such glowing notices, receiving the unanimous acclaim of all the top New York reviewers. The NY Times, said, "A lovely tender drama…Strange how the shining spirit of a young girl now dead can filter down through the years and inspire a group of theatrical professionals in a foreign land." The NY Herald-Tribune said, "The precise quality of the new play at the Cort is the quality of glowing, ineradicable life—life in its warmth, its wonder, its spasms of anguish and its wild and flaring humor…Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett have fashioned a wonderfully sensitive and theatrically craftsmanlike narrative out of the real-life legacy left us by a spirited and straightforward Jewish girl…as bright and shining as a banner." The NY Post called it "…a moving document on the stage." The NY Daily News said, "There is so much beauty, warm humor, gentle pity…in THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK that it is difficult to imagine how this play could be contained in one set on one stage…this is a fine drama."


ANNE FRANK - Elizabeth Fisher
OTTO FRANK - Shawn Wilson*
EDITH FRANK - Jami Bassman*
MARGOT FRANK - Katy Merriman*
MIEP GIES - Kerry Skram*
PETER VAN DAAN - Joshua Haldeman
MR. KRALER - Jim Morrill
MRS. VAN DAAN - Alissa Tschetter-Siedschlaw*
MR. VAN DAAN - John Earl Robinson*
MR. DUSSEL - Jonathan DeLima
NAZI - Devin Preston
NAZI - Brandon Brokshus
NAZI - Kyle Bochart

Director - Tom Woldt
Production Manager - Jay Jagim*
Stage Manager: Benjamin Sheridan*
Assistant Stage Manager: Kyle Bochart
Costume Designer: Jess Guthrie
Sound Engineer: Chris Williams

RTI Interim Artistic Director - Brad Dell*
RTI Managing Director - Richard Maynard*

*denotes RTI company member

Tickets are $25-$30 for Adults, $22 for seniors, and $15 for Students.  

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